Double My Fun and Add Some Memories

I went to the Wellness Center last night after work.  I only did a cardio work out, walking 45 minutes on the treadmill.  I walked 2.46 miles, which is a 3.28 miles per hour pace, and I burned 518 calories.


I went to the Y again this morning, and did both cardio and lifting with my arms.  I started with 20 minutes of cardio, lifted 12,000 pounds doing six different arm routines, and then finished with 25 more minutes of cardio on the treadmill.  I walked 2.47 miles, and burned 513 calories.


Two work outs in a little over 16 hours aren’t too bad at all.  What is good about both of these work outs is that they were hard enough that I’m sure I kept burning extra calories for several hours after.


And, being the nice guy I am, I just helped my wife and daughter clean house.  My reward was a Diet A & W Root Beer.  Back when I was growing up there was an A & W Root Beer stand in Fremont.  It was a big treat for the family to go there after we all went for a ride in my dad’s ’52 Chevy.  The icy mugs cost a nickel.  For a very special treat we would also get a mexi-burger, sort of their version of a sloppy joe.  Just thinking of them hardens my arteries, but occasionally, I get to do more than just think of them.


The mother of one of the employees where I work has the original recipe for the A & W mexi-burgers.  Two or three times a year she will make them, and he will bring a pot full for lunch.  I shouldn’t have them, but I have no willpower in this case.  Chalk it up to wonderful memories.  I just have to do extra time on the treadmill those days.


My grandmother’s fried chicken is another food that is a wonderful memory.  And her chocolate chip cookies (like Famous Amos, just better), and her chocolate cake too.  A family legend is that one of my uncles and I ate an entire cake that grandma baked.  I don’t remember that, but it could have happened.


Pops-Rite popcorn using lard instead of vegetable oil and popped in a cast iron skillet is a pleasant memory.  It must have been, as I worked 13 years for the company that packaged Pops-Rite, Blevin’s Popcorn Co.  That is another story though.


And my wife’s home made macaroni and her chili are also favorites.


Alas, none of those treats today.  It’s back to my diet root beer.




~ by Ron Meyer on August 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Double My Fun and Add Some Memories”

  1. i grew up in Fremont also and would love to have the mexi-burger recipe.

  2. Do you have the recipe for the A & W mexiburgers???

    • I wish I did have the recipe. You can get Mexi-Burgers at Nifty 50’s in Fremont and they claim it is the same, but I don’t think so.

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