If 6 Pack Abs Is The Goal, I Am Carrying Around 18 Too Many Cans

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The more I work out, the better my left knee feels.  Yes, I have always understood the logic, but sometimes I can be as irrational as anyone.  I am stronger and all the parts of the knee are moving so they are not stiff.  Now, if only the tendonitis in my heel would go away.


I did not struggle getting out of bed this morning.  No struggle getting out the door either.  I would call the work out decent.  I was unable to use the stationary bike I ride to warm up.  Yes, there are probably a dozen or more bikes at the WellnessCenter, but I have two of them I like to use.  This morning one was broken and the other was being used.  So I started with lifting and ended with cardio today.  Today was legs and abs, and I lifted 29,400 pounds.  I did 15 minutes of cardio on the bike, riding 4.0 miles, which is a 16 mile per hour pace.


My blood sugar this morning was high, 134.  I am not quite sure why it was high, but I need to get it down to 100 or lower.


Today was the 6th day in a row working out at the WellnessCenter.  I do cardio everyday, and alternate between mainly with my legs or mainly with my arms.  I have been doing the abs machine everyday-hey, everyone wows about “six packs,” but I think mine is more like a case.  My stomach needs work, and I am giving it plenty.


My wife made ham, mashed potatoes, and corn for supper last night.  For me, the important thing was not overdoing it.  I like all of those foods, and I did indulge, I just did not overindulge.


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My Weekend, Plus Early Today

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I don’t know if I mentioned my Friday work out yet or not.  It was 24 minutes of cardio, and lifting 36,000 pounds mainly with my legs.  Saturday was also 24 minutes cardio, on a stationary bike, plus lifting 30,750 pounds, mainly with my arms.  Sunday was 24 minutes cardio, plus lifting 35,400 pounds with my legs.


Friday and Saturday eating was good.  Sunday was not so good, though I don’t think it would fall under the heading “blew it.” 


Today was a weigh-in day.  My goal was to lose 2.0 pounds and I lost 1.8 pounds, so given an off Sunday, the weight loss was appreciated.


Today was also a day of struggle.  I struggled getting out of bed, and that lying voice kept telling me to fall back asleep and work out at noon.  I got up, but it was a struggle getting dressed and out the door.  At the Fremont Y Wellness Center I started off with cardio on the stationary bike.  That went well, but I struggled with lifting, lifting only 29,050 pounds, mainly with my arms. Part of the struggle was a sore right shoulder and part of it was a herd of iron heads around all the free weights and machines. It took me longer to do that than normal, and I only followed that with 4 minutes of cardio, again on the stationary bike.  My total cardio for the day was only 16 minutes instead of 24.


Still, it wasn’t a terrible work out, and any work out burns more calories than I would have burned if I stayed in bed. Plus, that made five days in a row of solid work outs, and I intend to keep that string going.


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Accountability Is A Good Thing

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Unless I keep track of all I eat, it is too easy to cheat in this process.  It is like “out of sight, out of mind.”  And, publishing my daily log adds to my accountability and helps keep me going in my two month push to end 2012 right.


November 1st food log:

-3 ounces of orange juice for breakfast


For lunch-a lettuce salad with grated cheese, 4 Melba toast rounds, and 2 ounces of orange juice.


For an afternoon snack-a Nabisco Lorna Doone 100 calorie snack pack, plus a Diet Coke. I also drank 3 16.9 ounce bottles of water in the afternoon.


For supper-We ate late because we went to visit my grandson.  My wife arrived after I did because of her work.  She did not eat during the day and brought my son and me a snack.  Not the best idea in the world for me, but it was a small Burger King hamburger, and the three of us shared a small order of fries.


For supper I had a 10 ounce steak my daughter made.  I also had 2 pieces of bread, making part of the steak into a sandwich.  I had a Diet Coke to drink with the steak.


For a snack I had several garlic Melba toast rounds and a small handful of raisins.


This morning I had a great workout at the Fremont Y Wellness Center.  I arrived at the 5:30 a.m. opening time and started with 12 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike.  I followed that up with lifting 36,000 pounds total in 38 minutes on 7 different machines. I ended with 12 more minutes on a stationary bike, riding a total of 6.4 miles in 24 minutes, a pace of 16 miles per hour. 


My blood sugar this morning was 128, which is a little high.  Part of it might be my confusion regarding whether or not I took my Metformin as I should have.  That won’t happen again.


I still have a sore Achilles tendon.  I still have an arthritic left knee.  And I must have slept wrong the night before last because I have an extremely sore neck too.  And, I am still suffering from vertigo when I get up or when I bend over.  The important thing is that I am not letting these minor ailments keep me from working out or trying to eat right.


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Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8; Fall Down 700 Times Get Up 701

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Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times.  Fall down 700 times, get up 701 times.  I have fallen again.  I am not pleased with myself for falling.  The last month has not been a particularly good one.  Before today, the last time I took my blood sugar was on 9/26, and the last time I weighed myself was on 9/24.  I did work out a few times, but with no consistency.  Since late September I have suffered from tendonitis in the Achilles tendon above my left heel.  The arthritis in my left knee flared up.  And, once again I am suffering from labyrinthitis, a fancy word for vertigo.


My ailments turned that lying voice inside my head into a shout of “you can’t do it.”  And mostly I didn’t.  The only good thing to come out of the last five weeks is that somehow I managed to lose two pounds, meaning I was doing OK eating. 


Today was a pick me up day, a new day, a new month, and another “new” start.  I am still suffering from Achilles tendonitis and am walking with a slight limp.  My knee doesn’t hurt as much as it did for most of October, and despite taking several prescription medicines for the past few days, my vertigo remains unchanged.  BUT, I ignored the aches and pains and dizziness and got my butt out of bed this morning.


As I said, it was another new start, the start of a two month push to end 2012 and gain momentum for 2013.  I was at the Fremont Y Wellness Center when it opened at 5:30 a.m. and got in a great work out.  I started with riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes, doing cardio and warming up.  I followed that with lifting for 40 minutes-12 different machines for 41,400 pounds.  I ended with 10 more minutes on the stationary bike and completed 5.4 miles in the 20 minutes I rode, a pace of 16.20 miles per hour.


I had a glass of orange juice for breakfast today.  I know that isn’t enough, and tomorrow I will add to it. The plan today is more a lunch of salad topped with grated cheese and a few rounds of garlic Melba toast.  An afternoon snack will be something 100 calories or less.  At supper I will be watching portions closely. And I will be drinking plenty of water too.


Yes, it did feel good to work out again.  It felt wonderful to stop using excuses and just do what I know I need to do.  With all my stumbles I feel almost like a drug addict or an alcoholic who must take every 24 hours one day at a time.  No braggadocio from me today, just determination. 

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Determination Today Leads To——–

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My goal for today was to do at least 20 minutes cardio, and I did.  I warmed up with 12 minutes on the stationary bike doing 3.3 miles.  After the warm up I lifted, focusing on arms and legs today.  I did three routines with free weights, and five routines on the Paramount machines.  I lifted 25,300 pounds today. 


After I finished lifting I went back to the stationary bikes and rode for 8 more minutes, riding 2.2 miles.  The 5.5 miles I rode meant a pace of 16.5 miles per hour, and the entire ride was done at level 6 on the bike.  I assume that level one is the easiest level and the difficulty increases with each level.


That lying voice in my head wanted me to ride the last 8 minutes at level 5 instead of level 6.  Fortunately there is a motivational slogan painted on the wall across from where I rode-“Determination today means success tomorrow.”  I stayed with level 6.


Tomorrow my goal remains at least 20 minutes on the stationary bike. Another goal is to fine tune my weekend eating, where I still do have a problem.


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There Are 1,440 Minutes In A Day-I Spent 45 Of Today’s Allotment Making Myself Better

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I started today’s work out with 10 minutes of cardio on a stationary bike.  I did level 6 for the entire 10 minutes and rode 2.7 miles-a pace of 16.2 miles per hour.


Following the 10 minute warm-up I did 35 minutes of lifting, focusing on legs and abs.  I did routines on 6 different machines, and lifted a total of 32,400 pounds.  This may have been too much, but the tendonitis and not working out set me back and I need to play catch up. 


-Strength is the product of struggle.  I should become very strong in the coming months.

-If you don’t step forward, you are always in the same place.  I don’t want to be in this place. 


My muscles are a little sore from the work out, but not sore enough to believe the voice in my head that is crying out “you overdid it.” 


I need to get back to doing more cardio.  Before the tendonitis in my Achilles tendon I was splitting time between a tread mill and a stationary bike.  I still do not want to push getting on a treadmill, but I need to get in at least 20 minutes cardio every work out.  My goals for tomorrow will be at least 20 minutes cardio and lifting 27,000 focusing on abs and arms.


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Back In Black

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Yes, I was back in black-black sweatshirt and black sweat pants.


Today’s work out was riding a stationary bike for cardio and lifting with my arms.  I did 3.3 miles in 12 minutes on the bike as a warm-up and followed with 3 free weight routines and 7 Paramount machine routines.  I lifted 26,600 pounds.  My work out lasted a little over 50 minutes.


The tendonitis is my Achilles tendon really broke the momentum I was building.  Somehow limping into the WellnessCenter to work out didn’t seem like the right thing to do.  I still have a limp; it just is not as pronounced as it was a week ago.  I have worked out three days in a row, so I am getting back into the doing the things I need to do to get better.  The tendonitis was a setback, but I will turn it into a comeback.  I was strong enough to get to where I was a few weeks ago.  I was strong enough to renew my work outs.  I got this far and I am going to keep going. 


When I started working out several months ago, I was alternating levels on the stationary bike between level four and level five.  Then I started doing 30 seconds on 4, 30 seconds on 5, 30 seconds on six, 30 seconds on five, 30 seconds on four, and then repeat the process. As a numbers person, that should have averaged out to a 5 for the time I rode.  Today I started out on 5 but after a few minutes turned it up a notch to 6, and kept it there the rest of the time I rode.  After 8 minutes on the bike that lying voice in my head was telling me to turn back to level 5.  I did not.  At 10 minutes it was telling me I had made my point, and I should finish on level 5.  I ignored it.


I added 10 pounds on several of the arm routines, and 5 pounds on another.  I did 4 sets of 10 on each routine.  I pushed hard on a number of routines when that voice was telling me 30 was enough.  One routine I do is with dumb bells, and I don’t mean all the iron heads that populate the WellnessCenter.  I have a dumb bell in each hand and do 10 lifts straight in front of me, 10 the side trying to raise the dumb bells to shoulder level and 10 from shoulder level to above my head.  This is a touch routine, especially lifting both arms to the side, like they are wings in flight.  Midway through the third set my arms felt like I could not lift one more time, but I forced through it.  It was the same way with the entire fourth set. 


There is only one routine on the machines where the fourth set is not a struggle. I’m going to increase the weight on that machine next time.  I struggled but made it through every set on each routine.  Right now I am sore, but I would much rather be sore, a “good” sore, than wake up tomorrow feeling sorry I did not work out.